Internationalization of Mexican Companies in the U.S. South And Their Global Competencies

Mónica Blanco-Jiménez, Jesús Cruz Álvarez, Angélica Tejeda Villanueva, Harriet Romo


This article examines the growing trade relationship between the United States and Mexico that has boosted exports and foreign direct investment. This dynamic has led Mexican entrepreneurs to establish companies in the U.S. South. But do they have the global, personal, and cultural competencies needed to influence their firms’ effective internationalization? To answer this question, the authors did qualitative research applying a scientifically validated questionnaire to measure these competencies. The results show that the Mexican entrepreneurs have high levels of global competencies (knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences) that have helped them be successful in the U.S. market.


internationalization; Mexican companies; U.S.-Mexico border; global competencies



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