Security and Energy Integration with the United States: From Trust to Uncertainty

Víctor Rodríguez Padilla


This article analyzes the energy integration process between Mexico and the United States, affected by the deterioration in bilateral relations and the uncertainty Donald Trump has brought to the White House. The author’s frame of reference is energy security theory and the historical-logical method of analysis. He underlines the growing dependency on imported fuels that has led to the abandonment of criteria for self-sufficiency. He concludes that encouraging imports and deepening integration go hand in hand with market reforms and the strategic partnership with the United States, but that this is a high-risk strategy due to the excessive dependency it has fostered. Trade with the United States does not have to stop in order to improve energy security, but precautionary measures must be taken in the face of an energy supply that is no longer reliable.


energy security; energy integration; Mexico; United States



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